Designing a Shopping Website and The Facilities Of Virtue Mart

Designing a Shopping Website by Virtue Mart Shopping Cart

The different types of shopping carts for designing shopping websites were already mentioned for having proper web design in this website. One of these shopping carts is Virtue Mart. It is a shopping cart under Joomla content system which has around 420 supplementary plugins of web design in order to design shopping websites and it is one of the functional shopping carts. It could be undoubtedly said that Joomla is one of the few shopping carts which is designed with a suitable and precise architecture, and the appearance of its updated versions has not highly changed comparing the older ones during the passing years, because it is programmed so precisely that its recent changes have been merely in the field of removing the received reports from the users.  According to these evidences, it could be one of the faultless shopping carts. This shopping cart has a series of basic and special facilities like any other software, which will be mentioned in the following section


Online Shopping Web Design and The Facilities Of Virtue Mart

Some facilities of Virtue Mart cart for designing shopping websites include making different categorizations for various products which is one of the fundamental facilities of this shopping cart. Another facility is the possibility of shipping the purchased products and adding a section which includes different payment methods. Moreover, the user’s orders and previous shopping are observable in this shopping cart. The other facility of this shopping cart is the possibility to observe the effect of discount in the product prices. Some other facilities of web design comprising making a sales section and displaying the user’s order status and also, the product status regarding availability in the warehouse is an assigned facility of the above mentioned shopping cart. Furthermore, the possibility of adding a “tax display” section and its effect on product prices as well as presenting daily, monthly and weekly reports is the other facility which is provided in this shopping cart in order to design a shopping website


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